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March 5, 2021

A walk through the neighborhoods of Palma

by Palma Beach

Strolling through the beautiful streets of Palma makes you feel like you are on a trip. Its culture, history, tradition, art and architectural diversity make Palma an ideal place to feel on vacation all year round. And at Palma Beach we love eternal and unforgettable vacations.

Palma, the capital of Mallorca, is a fantastic size to be explored on foot. It is perfect for walking and exploring its neighborhoods, because they are very close to each other. Each of them hides wonderful details and secrets that make Palma one of the most beautiful cities, called the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”. And according to the newspaper 'The Times' of London, "the best place to live in the world"



El Paseo del Borne A walk with a lot of tradition! Built on an old bed of the La Riera torrent, the Paseo del Borne owes its name to the fact that in the Middle Ages it was a place of entertainment. It is believed that knights' jousts were held in order to impress the princesses in order to then be able to ask their distrustful parents for the hand of their daughters. These battles were fought for leisure, although everyone wanted to show their bravery and strength as knights mounted on their steeds. The idea was to compete and not kill, that is why in their heavy grasped lances, the tips of the lances were covered with "terminals" generally rounded.

Today, it is a place of leisure for everyone. One of the busiest areas in Mallorca, full of color and things to do. Highly recommended for shopping and spending the day eating on one of its fabulous terraces.

Paseo del Borne Palma Mallorca - Blog Palma Beach
Paseo del Borne



The Santa Catalina neighborhood, known to some as the “Soho Balear”, is an old fishing district. One of the main points of interest is your market. Surrounded by facades with the typical Majorcan shutters and its characteristic terraces decorated with flowers. Mixed with restaurants and designer shops, vintage clothing and crafts.

Santa Catalina Palma de Mallorca - Blog Palma Beach
Santa Catalina ©travellersinsight



La Lonja is a beautiful labyrinth full of narrow streets full of cafes, restaurants, art galleries and shops of all kinds. The La Lonja neighborhood is located around the majestic building of La Lonja (Sa Llotja), one of the island's Gothic masterpieces built by the local architect Guillem Sagrera.

La Lonja Palma de Mallorca - Blog Palma Beach
La Lonja



The 17th century town hall building is an essential stop on the tour of the center of Palma. With its centennial Olivera in front of the Town Hall. The Plaza Mayor next door. Calle de Sant Miquel is full of shops for all tastes. And in the middle of this street is the famous Mercat de l’Olivar.

Cort Palma de Mallorca - Blog Palma Beach
Cort ©Thomas Wolf



In the Old Town of Palma you will find the impressive Palma Cathedral (La Seu), the Almudaina Palace and the Arab Baths. This neighborhood hides an impressive beauty, you discover it when you get lost in its streets where, throughout history, hundreds of years of tradition have passed.

A city full of churches, each one with its own particular legend, dreamy Mallorcan courtyards, squares, facades of highly symbolic buildings such as those designed by Gaudí and endless details that together create a global set of beauty and tranquility. A must see for everyone.

Catedral de Mallorca - Blog Palma Beach
Catedral de Mallorca



It has become one of the most sought after neighborhoods thanks to its major reform. The neighborhood borders the old city wall, the emblematic Parc de la Mar located under the Cathedral and beyond, the Mediterranean Sea.

La Calatrava is the mestizo neighborhood where the history and culture of the city are born, the result of the encounter between Jews, Muslims and Christians, which gave rise to the Mallorcan roots and traditions.

La calatrava Palma de Mallorca - Blog Palma Beach
La Calatrava ©shuttledirect

From Palma Beach we invite you to feel as if you were on vacation all year round.