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January 26, 2021

The calm of January

by Palma Beach


During the month of January a phenomenon of great beauty occurs every year: the so-called January calms or waning.

Playa de Palma - Palma Beach
Playa de Palma - Palma Beach

The first days of the year always offer a very beautiful image, as a result of a conjunction of meteorological elements: the sea is completely calm, as if it were asleep, as if the waves had disappeared forever.


That is why during the calms it is a good time to go sailing, and in Palma Beach we are lucky to have 2 charter companies so you can enjoy a fantastic experience at sea.




Iris Yachtcharter will advise you on what type of sailboat you can choose to enjoy a fantastic day surrounded by an unlimited blue sea.

Iris Yachtcharter: www.irisyachtcharter.com/home


Charter King gives you a faster feeling by recommending their fleet of yachts and motor boats to you.


Charter King Palma Beach
Charter King: www.charterkingmallorca.com

With Iris Yachtcharter, Charter King and Palma Beach, enjoying some fantastic January calm is possible!