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January 21, 2021

Outdoor activities

by Palma Beach

Mallorca is an ideal place to enjoy the outdoors and a healthy life, even in winter. Palma Beach recommends many alternatives to enjoy the island at this time of year:


Playa de Palma Palma Beach
Playa de Palma Credit: Hipotels

Stroll along the beach.

In winter, most of the Majorcan beaches are deserted. Which makes them an ideal place to enjoy its beauty and calm.



Son Marroig. Serra de Tramuntana
Son Marroig. Serra de Tramuntana. Credit: www.serradetramuntana.net


An excursion through the mountains.

Mallorca offers endless excursions in the mountains. From where the sky seems even bluer and the air much cleaner.


Credit: mallorca.com


The great variety of scenic routes that can be found on the island makes cyclists of all levels enjoy great rides. Look at this post from Playa de Palma to Palma by bike or this other post from Es Carnatge.

Patios Mallorquines
Patio Mallot

Walking around Palma

Mallorcan patios, historic buildings, small shops and cafes that have always been there and have never noticed, are some of the things you will enjoy walking through the center of Palma.


Credit: aswings.com


Playa de Palma has a fantastic boardwalk for skating with spectacular views of the sea. Without traffic and hardly any people, the Paseo de Playa de Palma becomes one of the ideal places to have a good time on wheels.