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December 21, 2020

The ensaimada. The Mallorcan essence

by Palma Beach

The Mallorcan ensaimada, more than a product, has become the essence of Mallorca. At Palma Beach we think that any time of the day is good to savor a delicious ensaimada. You can eat it for breakfast, for a snack, to snack between meals, for dessert ... There is no preferred time.

ensaimada recomendada por Palma Beach
Ensaimada de Can Joan de s'Aigo. Credit: @yumdreya


There are different types. Smooth, filled with angel hair, cream, cream, burnt cream, chocolate, apricot ... Although the most popular is the "smooth". Which means that it does not have any fillers. And traditionally it is accompanied with almond ice cream or with a good cup of hot chocolate.


ensaimada recomendada por Palma Beach
Credit: Turismo Balear

From Palma Beach we recommend it. We cannot resist this delight and surely neither can you!

ensaimada recomendada por Palma Beach
Credit: Horno Santo Cristo