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October 7, 2020

Es Carnatge. Bike & Walking

by Palma Beach

Aeroplanes connect us with the rest of the world, and they make Europe and other, more distant continents accessible. If you have ever landed at our airport having come in over the Bay of Palma, then you will have flown above Es Carnatge as you came in to land. It is a coastal natural area located in the center of the Bay of Palma between the Coll d'en Rabassa and Can Pastilla, right next to the Son San Joan airport, about 5km from the center of Palma. It has small sandy coves and rocky accesses to the sea, as well as a promenade with access for pedestrians and cyclists.

Thanks to the air traffic, Nature has ironically not been manipulated by man, and so this treasure has been left as an open secret for the pleasure of thousands of citizens to cycle, run and stroll around as it links us to the city of Palma.

Glorious, beautiful Nature in its essence. Perfect to photograph, stroll through, bathe in, or simply look at. Don’t miss the chance to visit it.