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May 26, 2020

Letter to Merkel

by Juan Miguel Ferrer

I hope you and your family are healthy. We look forward to welcome your compatriots in our “wunderschonen” Mallorca and all other tourist who wish to come. I say this with the utmost pride, dignity, and appreciation.

We see you as a political benchmark, a mentor, an older brother because of the very effective way you have managed the pandemic. Being example in public health management , being the economic engine of Europe, having a debt of only 46% of its GDP, offering its citizens one of the best welfare states, and being the second largest emitter of tourists to Spain and the first in the Balearic Islands.

The reason for this letter is to present you, in broad lines, the problems we are going through in our country. And you will wonder, do I not have enough problems with my country, to have to attend to those in Spain ?. True. But, it is essential to tell you our reality without intermediaries or alterations of the message. And please, if you were so kind, I would like you to share this letter with Mrs. Von der Leyen and also with Mrs. Lagarde.

We Spaniards are embarrassed by the decisions made in our country and we cannot understand under what criteria they are decided. And so it goes.

We have structural factors that we have been dragging on for years:

§ Every year we spend more money than we produce, therefore we continue to increase our deficit

§ We have destroyed our industrial sector more than we have created.

§ We have not known how to diversify our economic model in 30 years, which is why we depend more on third parties

§ We have more expensive social security than Germany, in exchange for worse pensions and services.

§ Our workers have much lower wages than in Germany and companies cannot pay them more otherwise they go bankrupt or they are not competitive

§ Workers who for merit want to work or earn more money, are punished by the state tax collection apparatus, to work more is to pay much more.

§ We have more politicians and advisers than you, with half the inhabitants, they also raise their salaries or vote, as they please, to make it for life

§ Our officials do not charge enough to be motivated and give us a good service to the citizen, taxpayers seem like the enemy

§ We have many officials and poorly paid

§ Our educational system is a failure, and professional training is insufficient and precarious

§ The political pacts in Spain are never for the general interest, the two majority parties do not agree as in their country, but the partisan interests with easy fights, tactical agreements and the consequent territorial breakdown

§ We have a country that is not Federal like yours, but ultra-federal, with a central government, autonomous or federal governments, regional councils or councils and numerous municipalities. Only in Mallorca there are 53, some of them with only 212 inhabitants.

§ Major or minor cases of corruption in all parties that have been in power to date.

§ A law of incompatibilities that prevents having the best managers in politics.

With Covid, everything described is accentuated or aggravated as follows:

§ As of today, no company in Spain affected by Covid has a clear rule or norm, and cannot make any economic projection for their own salvation. There is not yet a clear, reliable and secure document with the rules for hiring workers for companies.

§ 35% of the workers who were taken over by the state as of today, have not received their social benefit since March 14

§ The State has forced all companies to use the legal figure of the temporary employment regulation file (ERTE). Neither can use another path and if they do, they threaten them with inspections and intimidation. The only objective is to make up the official unemployment figures

§ Since all the companies are in the ERTEs, the Government does nothing but change the rules of the game, never in favor of companies but in favor of paying as little as possible to workers and companies

§ We do not know if our health system can be prepared for a second wave of infections and they have not given extraordinary payments to our healthcare providers.

§ There is information from authorized voices that speak of the lack of liquidity of the Government to be able to pay pensions in the month of July, logically also for the Ertes

§ There is not yet a Marshall plan, viability strategy or reconstruction of the post-Covid business fabric, there is a risk of losing more than 20% of the companies

§ Our country is submerged in a political tension that does not allow us to advance, with fratricidal and childish struggles before the stupefaction of the whole society

The citizens, workers and businessmen of this country are honest, fighting, happy, creative people, who love Spain and see that our rulers are not up to the task. In particular, since they are watching, with total helplessness, the misuse of the State of Alarm to introduce in each decree (BOE) reforms of laws that have nothing to do with health or the protection of health or the State’s economy.

We need you to audit the accounts in Spain and, please, rescue us, with only two conditions. The first, the repayment of any loan and not wasting it on inefficiencies as typical from the past time. Second, make our government to change so that the first condition is met. Force them to have a serious, capable, and reliable management team to fulfill their commitments.

If you manage to influence Europe to do this, I think that the Spanish people will be up to the task of solving their internal chaos, they will have to carry out very deep saving campaigns by the administration, they will have to solve once and for all the blackmail circus. autonomy, the education of its young people, its competitiveness in the world for and with Europe, and finally to add up for the entire continent and be a protagonist of history in the present indicative, as its DNA marks.

Lastly, help us now to put order, make your European spring with us, we know that we are too big to be rescued, but demand guarantees for your money, we are European, in fact the oldest country in Europe, please intervene Mrs. Merkel and convince the rest, it will be worth it, unfortunately we needed the Covid to wake up again and become the owners of our future, and our future is Europe.

Vielen Dank


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