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December 31, 2017

What is Palma Beach?

by Palma Beach

The name Palma Beach was created by a group of entrepreneurs from Playa de Palma, to noticeably raise the level of quality of the restaurants, hotels and services in the area.

Palma Beach offers a wide selection of things which are provided by different companies. This offer includes marinas, yacht clubs, leisure activities, entertainment, golf courses, shopping, fashion, lifestyle, restaurants, hotels, beach bars and clubs.

Palma Beach is a brand that was launched with the aim of promoting, supporting and turning the Palma Beach into the ideal setting to hold events, performances, and cultural, sports, PR and social activities.

The objective is to develop it into a brand under which visitors, residents and tour operators alike feel identified, strive to ensure the high-quality of the area and support seasonal adjustment. Projects and initiatives like improving car parking areas, living together, safety, and cleanliness as well as ensuring compliance with the law are all on the agenda.