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April 24, 2020

IB3 – Interview Juan M. Ferrer

by IB3

Interview offered by IB3 to Juan M. Ferrer CEO Enjoy group, Vice President Restauración CAEB


The Balearic public television, IB3 gave me the opportunity to choose the location for the interview and I wanted to choose our Paseo del Born as an emblem of km 0 where terraces and life in Palma and throughout Mallorca can be traced. It is the obligation of any political or business leader, to leave the word no at home and start working with YES for more life, YES for jobs, Yes to give an image of security, Yes to return to normality, Yes to that the tourists return, Yes to the quality. This interview marks the beginning of a stage in Mallorca where he is not the past, the darkness, the gray. Our company Enjoy Group adapts to this new trend of working positively, in color, with creativity and joy. Together we will get it.