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April 24, 2020

Interview with Juan M. Ferrer by FIBWI news


Interview offered by Fibwi Live to Juan M Ferrer, CEO of Enjoy Group and vice president of CAEB Restauración.


Difficult times, we need everyone’s imagination to reinvent ourselves. The important thing is the health of people, our workers, customers and suppliers. 

The sun and the air outside are now the best weapons that Mallorca and the Mediterranean have to minimize the risks of contagion. What better than the terraces of Mallorca to start moving the economy and normalize the lives of people who need to socialize. See your families and friends. They are small solutions to very serious problems that we must solve with now containment measures and in the future of prevention. 

The Hospitality of Mallorca is a great value chain with already very high standards of hygiene and sanitation. Together we can all fight the virus.