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July 20, 2020

More responsibility and less partitions screens

by Juan M. Ferrer

Until today we have gone to supermarkets, tobacconists, gas stations and we have entered their interiors with people around us. Workers from these places have also brought us our groceries at home or dinner in the “delivery” format, and during this period the number of infections has not risen, thank God and the Islands health.

We cannot, nor should we foresee that planes, trains, buses, and bicycle spaces, would be the beginning of the end, since we would ignore the most basic: the responsibility of people. And I think it is just at this point where we must work. And to serve as an example what has happened this Sunday is the streets, beaches and gardens of our island, and of all of Spain. You can not put doors to open places.

People are already very concient with the situation , they have been in confinement for too long as to not know how to behave correctly. Surely it will also have served to create antibodies in a population. It is a very good sign for the present, but it can be worrying in the medium and short term.

We base the return to “normality” of the restaurant sector through the exclusive use of the terraces, but immediately afterwards they will open the interiors, with logical social distance that has no need to be marked with meters but with logic, since it will be the customers themselves who will do it because they will have adopted new responsible habits.

Restaurant owners will have to ensure the safety of their business, their staff, demand that their suppliers do the same and, of course ,oblige with the sanitary and hygienic rules that the administration will set for the whole of society.

We must do the de-escalation very well, we must be neat in the implementation of feasible and effective rules and protocols for prevention. Nobody in the restaurant sector, even more the ones with a high dependence on tourism, wants to take false steps.

The campaign to promote Mallorca, the islands and the Spain brand begins now,

with the risks and dangers of our actions in the coming months, of what to do and what not to do.

There is already a collective consciousness but still:

  • We need massive tests for citizens and to be able to monitor any rebound
  • We need tests in the companies, for our teams, airports and to start the value chain and prevention
  • Knowing how to combine PCR and Igm – Igg blood test
  • We need to provide ourselves with all necessary sanitary material, as well as human workforce, conditioning of new ICUs
  • Discipline and social awareness are lacking in our latitudes
  • We like to burden private companies with bureaucracy and impossible goals, sometimes we make it so difficult that it is complex to comply with the norm
  • We like to invent instead of copying the bests and what is already working

And we also see opportunities

  • Our summer climate with high temperatures and humidity creates the perfect conditions for the virus to die easier
  • We have open spaces, terraces, sea, beaches, countryside, mountains
  • Our outbound markets will be watching us, so we have the great opportunity to show our paradise with marketing campaigns
  • With the destination running at idle or medium gas, we build customer trust and can start promoting “Safe Destination”
  • We start an “immunization” process
  • We can, on a small scale, open the airport with sanitary corridors to other countries
  • We move little by little, step by step the economy

In short, the responsibility from now on will be on the decisions that each of us makes with its criteria, responsibility and social conscience with our neighbors, environment, etc. The administration must be there to prepare the health system, give us access to the tests, penalize the ones who doesn’t respect, and make the bureaucracy more flexible to boost the economy.

Therefore, all this is not solved with partitions screens, if not learning from our European neighbors such as the Swedes, Germans, Danes, Austrians, Swiss, their methods, their “herd” responsibility, their social distancing. We will stop kissing for a while, we will learn how to “shake hands with the elbow”, for example, and thus we will be creating the new rules of the “New Normal”.

The partitions screens will not be necessary, it will only take common sense, education and responsibility.


Article made by Mallorcadiario.com