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May 5, 2020

Palma needs Renaissance by Juan M. Ferrer

by Juan M. Ferrer

The Renaissance is a period of light and human creativity that begins in Italy and later spreads throughout Europe. This time marks the beginning of an extraordinary era of great achievements and cultural changes that made a transition between the darkness of the Middle Ages by returning to the guidelines of the great classics of Greece and Rome.   

In Italy, a country so similar to ours, they have been able to sign an agreement where all tourism, companies and institutions have written a manifesto to recover the quality of the Italy brand and defend their vacation industry. It is an attitude that is based on pride in who they are and how they want to show themselves to the world. For this they have signed a team of managers outside the policy that will be dedicated to its implementation.   

Meanwhile on our island, the navel of the Mediterranean and the epicenter of tourism, and more specifically in its capital, the engine of the machinery that feeds us, we continue in the dark, with banal debates on terraces and paying attention to local leaders who do not represent nor 0.89% of the entire population registered in Palma, based on what their Facebook says. When in reality they are only an extension of their party structure. They are in their “entourage” because they set the agenda for the decisions of the politicians in these matters, and incidentally they take rich subsidies from all the citizens they do not represent. The same ones that later enjoy its streets and terraces.   

The blindness or myopia of the consistory is so great that he believes that this policy rents him out in votes, just like the tolerance they exercise for the constant violation of graffiti. A city that, closed and without people you do not know very well if you are in Palma or in a suburb of any industrial city, paradoxical since there is no factory left standing or open. They have destroyed them all, despite the fact that they have filled their mouths talking about diversifying the mono cultivation of tourism while subjecting them to laws, regulations and bureaucracy so that none will be left alive. Then, disgusted, jaded, and depressed businessmen. “It’s pitiful”.   

Dyslexia is even more profound when we continue to see with amazement that the entrance to Palma continues, a year later, unfinished, invaded by weeds and stubble, construction equipment and fences. Well they enjoyed while all the residents and tourists (if at that time there were still tourists) we crowded into three narrow lanes with long queues of entry and exit, we could even touch the rear-view mirrors between cars. Well gentlemen, it remains the same but a little worse. “Does not matter”.   

Our gardens, corners and corners of the city smell of urine because in 30 years they have not yet been able to create any public bathroom, but instead, compel restaurateurs to have them in perfect condition doing that service instead of the consistory. Then, as a reward, the Emaya bill increases, the water and the sewage fees and care, do not miss any official visit to inspect the aforementioned toilets. “It’s gross”.   

And so it could go on and on through streets, neighborhoods, districts throughout the city and the nonsense would be the same, and with this hopeful panorama, we still have false Messiah preachers who want to talk to us about the model of the city, and that the terraces, tourism and even cruises, are to blame for all our ills.   

The time has come to be reborn, to have the best terraces in Europe and be famous for it. To be proud of the entrance to the most spectacular city in the Mediterranean with flowers, palm trees and a great welcome for those who visit us.   

We need a city that smells like order, beauty, clean of graffiti on its blinds, walls and garages. In short, it is time to wake up from this alleged darkness and embrace the light again. We must recover the pride of who we are.

We must be reborn and bury once and for all the middle ages that plague us.


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