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May 7, 2020

Restaurateurs describe Cort’s proposal as a “tease”

by A.Mateo

The restaurateurs describe Cort’s proposal for the terraces as a “tease”, as reported this Thursday afternoon by Restauración CAEB, after finding out that the terraces could be expanded by eliminating parking areas once the Balearic Islands enters phase 1 of de-escalation to avoid infections of the new coronavirus outbreak.

In addition, the Pacte de Cort was criticized for not having reached a consensus with the sector which have expressed their outrage “at the falsehoods.” Juan Miguel Ferrer, spokesman in Palma and CAEB vice-president of Restoration, has assured that the measures of the City Council of Palma “do not in any way facilitate the return to activity“. In his view, what the Cort does “is not politics, it is science fiction.”

Ferrer has ensured that the idea of expanding the terraces by occupying parking areas, with prior municipal authorization and with the installation of platforms and ramps for their accesses and limiting their duration to the state of alarm “makes their application totally unfeasible”.

Among other reasons, “the association doubts the City Council’s administrative capacity to process the files in such a short period of time” and, above all, “because the measure will create discomfort among the residentsof the city who have the need to park their vehicles in a city that already has many parking spaces missing.

In addition, he has criticized that establishments located in pedestrian zones or without parking lots in front of them are not offered any solution. “It is nonsense,” he reproached.

Restauración CAEB has ensured that the Palma City Council “is not up to the task and is not aware of the situation of economic alarm in which we find ourselves.”

In addition, they added that the institution, which still hasn’t attended other needs such as exemption from the garbage tax, for example, is miles behind other administrations such as the Calvià City Council, the Consell de Mallorca or the Govern de les Balearic Islands that work side by side with the business sectors hit by this health crisis with meetings, proposals and alternatives in favor of economic recovery ».

“This way of acting shows that Cort is doing low-level politics and is not going in depth to solve the real problems of the sector.” Ferrer has assured that “those who are fighting are the businessmen, the unions and the insular and autonomous administration”.

According to the CAEB vice-president of Restoration, the council and more specifically the councilman Alberto Jarabo, “seem more concerned with attending to the requests of a Federation of Neighbors that does not represent the total set of residents of Palma than preventing the city’s economy to sink and thousands of families are left without work .


Published by Ultima Hora