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June 24, 2020

The new abnormality

by Juan M. Ferrer

The first time I heard the term ‘new normal’, in this case and to be exact ‘The New Normal’, was in a book my brother gave me back in 2010 from the American author Peter Hinssen. My brother, a great connoisseur and freak of technology, marketing and digitization, already understood that the world was going to change, was going to digitize. So much so, that this book and title in question has inspired and set the guidelines of the visionaries of the binary world and their companies when it comes to the digital transformations that the consumer was going to require in 2020 and thus we have been able to see the proliferation of companies we didn't even know his name ten years ago.

In the vein of this book, he gave me another gift two Christmases ago and his name was 'Technology and Industrial Revolution 4.0', by an Indian writer, Venkaiah Naidu. This book told us how the digital transformation in society and companies was going to transform the world or were going to create the parameters for a new revolution and industrial reinvention and all this would begin to be felt between 2020 and 2030. The same writer spoke in an apocalyptic vision but not to be scary, if not to get our batteries since over 100 million jobs as we know them were going to be destroyed in the world and to reinvent ourselves as many others in professions of which we still do not have evidence today and that we are going to discovering in the coming years.

However, neither books, nor anyone normal, with the permission of Bill Gates, oracle of even harsher pandemics to come, microchips geo locators, the world's best-selling software and for a few years the best vegan burgers on the planet, you could imagine it. And it is that nobody except him, told that in this transformative evolution process of a decade an unscrupulous turbo catalyst would appear, accelerating the process that what should happen under normal conditions between 10 and 15 years, advancing after the acceleration of the Post Covid era to 3 and 5 years.

In line with this accelerating and job-destroying process that will be this new post-Covid era around the world, we are very concerned when we hear our politicians in our country speak of the new normality, which we renamed as the new abnormality. Not because of the number of contradictions and improvisations that have manifested in this whole process of de-escalation to reach this week, or even because of the number of contradictions and nonsense that we continue to encounter in the application of the same day to day. What does have us completely distressed, is the null application of any real measure that affects the productive economy of our business sectors. There is little!

In the previous article we talked about the CEOE summit and we all waited like May water for the measures that they were going to take for the tourism sector last Thursday, and it was left in an advertisement of contained void, truly innocuous, and sterile in the application. Once again, stardust, expired cosmetics and cheap "buy gold" marketing. Not a single measure of direct aid to the sector or of economic motivation for consumption, only more indebtedness and leverage through the state guarantees, which as the weeks go by have less value than Zamunda's debt issuance bonds. The shout aloud from the top leaders of tourism in our country could not be more heartbreaking, they are asking for help, help, please help us. We have helped them all these years, we need a hand or both as the rest of the countries in Europe have done.

Spain is different, gentlemen. This administration is going to melt everything, ladies and gentlemen, and in part it is normal since they have never managed anything private successfully, which is abnormal so that later they can manage everyone's money. And it is that they make good the words of the last pirate of the Mediterranean, the great Joan March, who said: "he who does not serve, for a politician". Zasca from the 30s that comes to our hair.

We continue to date without news, parameters or rules with the Ertes but it is understood that this week the decision does not pass. Imagine the hospitality workers and more sectors, and all their companies, seven days from the end of the month and with no rules on how to open their businesses on July 1st. Please note and reflect despite the fact that politicians, at least from the Ministry of Labor, do not move a hair and do not look nervous and the only ones who are concerned are the workers, the self-employed and employers.

Welcome everyone to the new abnormality where the unions and employers agree, but the state does not sign the agreement. Where we are going to enter the greatest humanitarian and financial crisis of the 21st century and we have not yet heard any savings politician in the administrations or control in public spending. Where all the funds and solutions are applied between committees of experts that among them - they stew it and eat it - and where there are also 100 economic experts that no one knows about and must remain anonymous for their own good, they tell us. Where we re-paint mailboxes for more than 2 million euros, while we have queues in the social dining rooms. Of course, not everything is bad news in the new abnormality, on the beaches you can go without masks and the discotheques will open even if you can not dance.