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May 19, 2020

Playing with ERTEs

by Juan M Ferrer

Imagine for a moment, going out to play soccer, and not having any clear rules, since the previous rules no longer proceed or have changed. In addition, as the game progresses and depending on the level of public that is watching us in the stadium or the ability to compete that we demonstrate, the rules change again. The rules are not changed for the sake of soccer or entertainment, not even for the very respectable public, they are changed because the kid of the ball decides, if he loses or does not like the game, he adapts the regulations or leaves with the ball . Well, that’s how we entrepreneurs have been for more than eight weeks, playing soccer on a cliff, with the kid of the ball and his friends.

Caos everywhere! If a rule can be unclear or lead to different interpretations, it doesn’t matter, they are developed by this sick government. For example: terraces with 30% occumpancy , then, at 50%, but municipalities could grant 100% if they want, as long as people respect the 2 meters distance rule. Also, if you meet the distance rules, then the capacity and the meters added by the root to the cube of the Pythagorean theorem gives you the number of tables or Hopkins’ black hole theory. If you subtract 30% of internal occupation in the second phase from the result, with a 14-day quarantine for tourists who visit us, they lead us to open the doors of our business. Because, to them, we have to move the economy, but not much, but move it, but in what f…. decision shall we proceed?

The businessmen of the islands are praying that the boy with the ball does not prolong the state of alarm until the end of June, because then we should think about only opening next season. Since our only hope is that our local governments can, please, give some common sense, coherence and definition to the issue of ERTEs. An issue that needs a practical approach to the elasticity that our tourist activity requires. Measures are needed for 2020, an automatic extension to productive ERTE, flexible entry and exit ERTEs to encourage companies to displace more workers for even three months, to subsidize the social security of workers who must stay in ERTE, subsidize hiring throughout 2021, and thus we will not destroy jobs.

And it is that currently, the de-escalation of the ERTEs affects each legal company registered with workers and not the specific production center. Therefore, a company with 20 workers for example, with two or three production centers, that wants to open one of the centers, to start moving the economy, give work to their team, pay rents, etc., It must undo all the ERTE of the society. Therefore, and to avoid losing more money, it will not dare to open. And it is that with some legislators unable to understand the rules of the productive economy during the course of all the confinement and not having transmitted the messages and the rules on the due dates when we should currently be putting all the machinery back on track, they create mistrust, dread and insecurity and a very bad example.

The nonsense of the legislator goes further, because in this negotiation the hooligans are not the one of Magaluf. You can laugh at those poor drunken chauvinists with swimsuits stamping English flags. It was the three ministries who were negotiating. Plus the fourth in discord and the last to arrive, the Economy minister, which, seeing that the country’s resources will not be enough till July, decides that companies open no matter what, even if it is with a terrace with two people. And for this to happen, 20 or 200 workers must leave the ERTE, although we do not know when they will be able to work.The goal is to get them out. Whoever falls, the important thing is that the green re-enter the state coffers.

This constant and permanent legal uncertainty in everything we do in this great country is led by the balloon boy and his team of fire ministers like Garzón, and his theory of economics on tourism, churches politicizing on heritage, Covid taxes, some opportunists with shamless economic knowledge; Yolanda Díaz illustrating the ERTES, and Teresa Ribero summing up as “opens whoever wants or is able to” – is a prelude to what they were about to do. It is hopeless, facing all the inefficiency and in the end it is all very exhausting for the workers and entrepreneurs who dedicates to tourism, responsible for 24% of the country’s GDP, and the only thing they can do is work and pay, and not to be able to have definitive game rules and sometimes flexibles to face the first economic sprint and re-start rebuilding the country.

It is for this reason that a change in trend must be applied, even the unions who were theoretically related to this color or ideal of government until today, have chosen for a reconstructive Post Covid. It is about following the path of work, the company and common sense first and foremost. It is the way to start motivating the reborn of tourism companies with production flexibility, step by step towards air connectivity and trying not to destroy employment, thus maintaining the industrial and tourist sector of the islands.

And finally, many of the people who are reading this article still won’t understand the fine print of the ERTEs of the BOE, since it came out two days later. And not having understood either on one side or the other, neither from above nor from below, we await the practical illustration of our local leaders and unions that will help us understand the rules of the game and be able to implement them. Because those who allowed themselves to be illuminated and put away their activities for a small light of hope, for one more meter of terrace occupied but not granted, and seeing the quarantine of 15 days that the boy with the ball has imposed, possibly find themselves in this panorama where they have no choice but to “play the whole season with the ERTE”.


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