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May 21, 2020

Palma Beach will open its doors on July 1 as “the safest tourist destination in Europe”

by Mallorca Diario

Palma Beach will return its activities on July 1. It will become an international pilot study “to learn the appropriate protocols and processes that will later be applied to other destinations.” The Balearic Islands and Germany are planning safe air corridors that will guarantee the transport of passengers with a “full guarantee of safety and hygiene.”


The establishments belonging to the Palma Beach quality brand, located in Platja de Palma, will begin to open their doors from July 1st.

Thus, and after several weeks of intense work by the Palma Beach board of directors with government authorities, German tour operators as well as hotels, airports, the first German tourists will arrive through safe air corridors between both destinations that will guarantee the Transportation of the same with “full guarantee of safety and hygiene” has declared Juan Miguel Ferrer, CEO of Palma Beach.

Ferrer explained that Palma Beach is synonymous with “security” since it is a destination that meets a series of requirements that are difficult to find in any other part of Europe, such as, for example, that “it is close to the city center, close to the airport and close to the community reference hospitals ”. In addition, he adds, “it is an area with a very clear landscape that allows us to maintain safety distances since we have 6 kilometers of wide beach, very wide terraces and zero mass tourism as far as this summer is concerned”.


On the other hand, the establishments and complementary offer that will be activated now will offer all the necessary safety and hygiene measures, among which it is worth mentioning the Local Insurance accreditation endorsed by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality of the Government of Spain.

In this way, adds the CEO of Palma Beach, “we became a pilot test at an international level that will allow us to analyze the situation and obtain knowledge to form a series of processes and protocols that will help to open other destinations both within and outside of Spain ”.

“A summer awaits us with an atypical tourist season, very brief but, at the same time, very intense”, concludes Juan Miguel Ferrer, “this year we are going to be more Palma Beach than ever since international tourism is going to merge with the local public and without overcrowding, something that did not happen for more than 25 years ”.

It will be a very interesting few months where, in addition to try to survive the harsh effects of this economic crisis, “we must learn and take note of the long-term actions to impose, in Platja de Palma, the much-needed quality tourism in a form permanent”.




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