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June 2, 2020

Live without fear

by Juan M. Ferrer

We began to have clearer times to be able to start organizing the agenda of tourism openings. With regard to rules and regulations, tourism entrepreneurs and their teams still continue with the same uncertainties as on the first day.

There are several data and factors that are already giving us certainty, and others that the State must specify before the short tourist season begins. The end of the state of alarm in Spain is set for June 21, summer solstice, and Mrs. Armengol will have the powers of the community again from June 8. These are facts that we must count on to prepare strategies on how to save the season.

We were afraid that tourists would not come. However, we know that as of July 1, tourists will already be able to fly to Spain, perhaps even a little earlier to our islands, which would greatly help the economic recovery. We also already know that Germany will allow travels from June 15, and that others may open on June 3, such as Italy. France and Portugal will be open for tourism from June 15. We also know we won’t be able to count with UK until the beginning or middle of August.

We were afraid that the airlines would never fly again. However, we are already receiving concrete news from the airlines which are planning to have 40% of the flights they had last year in July, and in the best cases gradually increase that figure to 50% in August. We know that we will be able to fly with a mandatory mask and that we will not have to maintain any seat of social distance inside the plane. The solution is to have responsibility and wear mask, plus strict hygiene, EPA filters, and the strict security processes of airlines.

We were afraid that the hotels would not reopen. However, we have verified how hotel chains have developed security and prevention protocols with the best consulting companies and with local industries have implemented and invested in the physical measures necessary to restore security. They have closed packages and flights with their tour operation companies and are willing to be able to open as long as they can convey a message of confidence and positives. They want to emphasize that we are open for this season, but above all, for the reservations of the next, since competing areas such as Greece, Antalya or Tunisia are not giving up. This is a year of great alliances with the usual tour operators, since they are the transmitters of the messages of tranquility to their compatriots.

We were afraid that the restaurants would not reopen. In the world of catering, we have also seen re-invention and actions, developing a winning label together with the number one of our gastronomy such as Ferrán Adriá, Martín Berasategui, Juan Roca, Andoni L. Adruiz, Ángel León and technical teams and developers of software for a training and self-certification tool that is being adopted throughout Spain, and that countries like France or Italy also want to implement in their sectors. The technological tool is so powerful and rigorous due to the declaration of responsibility and protocols that must be complied with, that municipalities like Oviedo have bought it to give their restaurants free of charge.

We were afraid to restart, however, the private sector has anticipated the problems and is taking measures to start its activity. In the same measure, we understand that the administration is already taking measures with Aena buying thermal cameras, developing protocols for traveling, measures for interaction, and the prohibition of events that may pose unnecessary risks. We also know that it is helping and contributing to give peace of mind to the tour operation, studying safe tourist corridors, analyzing new technologies and, above all, two basic cardinal points: the monitoring of the numbers and ratios of the virus and the reinforcement of material and workers for efficiently prepare the health system.

It is for everything described here, that we must begin to build trust, since we can do it thanks to the efforts and achievements of many sectors that strengthen the tourism value chain, and I say chain because only in chain and each one taking responsibility for their link , we can pull the cart of recovery.

Politicians and opportunists – who have not made the right decisions, which have been many in this health and political crisis, where both worlds have mixed with treachery – will live with fear. The rest of us will, once again, take the country, families, companies, the season forward, and we must do so by getting down to business. Of course, with great respect, vigilant and cautious of our new reality, but above all, we must, without a doubt, for this to be a success, and it has been worth the effort, to live without fear.




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