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June 30, 2020

Royal walk

by Juan M. Ferrer

Life continues at breakneck speed, and each week there is so much information to process that we must be selective in ordering our thoughts and conclusions. And it is true, that you talk to whom you talk to since March 2020, what you decide today and you are clear that it is white, tomorrow you get up and it is black, but it is that the day after tomorrow it is gray. It has been impossible to make any predictions and for now the cowards and conservatives are being the least losers. In good Mallorcan the expression that is used for something uncertain, is "in finishing we will count". What is clear is that this year is red and that color is international to describe losses in accounting; what everyone is trying to foresee is the less red the better.


In this order of things, great events are happening in the world, in Spain, in the Balearic Islands and more specifically Mallorca and on the beach of its capital. If two weeks ago a world pilot test began - which by the way, is beginning to give its results, and the message of confidence of destiny is being sent to the target markets - then, this past Sunday, it began to to notice in its streets a certain influx of tourists, interacting very respectfully with their surroundings, and reporting via social networks in real time, like another journalist, how they saw the situation, video after video and selfie after selfie, convincing and prescribing with the old man said that an image is worth a thousand words. Thanks pilot test and thanks tourist for coming.


Last week the Kings of Spain were taking a walk on the first line of Palma Beach at a military pace. We could see them both, on all social networks, in a video recorded by Sonia Alcoberro, the most powerful influencer on our beach, at a good jog, smiling and greeting all the children who were on the beach with their unemployed mothers or in Erte. The truth is that we saw both very well, thin, toned and with the handsome climb, which is what happens, when they record a video with our great turquoise sea and white sand in the background. And it is not only Seville, it has a special color. Thanks to your Majesties for taking a dip in Palma Beach.

In addition, two days after the visit of the Kings of Spain, the new advertisement of another King, in this case, of Mallorca, was presented to promote our island of Mallorca exclusively, since we no longer exist as an archipelago at the level of marketing and joint promotion, if not that each one of the islands exists by itself and its Consell regulates the spending in promotion of the same. Who better than a great Rafa, who is always where he is needed, both can be seen shrinking or removing water from damned floods, or helping Mallorca to promote itself to national tourism, driving a drone that has taken a ride to hyper speed, through the most remote or unique places of the entire island. Come on Rafa.


Also today, the last day of the month of June of this year 2020, and after three months of hard work, and having had to overcome bonfires of vanities of political, institutional and even employer narcissism (something that in German is called "Profielierung", which is the art of justifying how much you work even if it is not true, but the important thing is that it seems like it), we will be presented to all of Palma Beach the new application of tourist corridors to be able to monitor -that even the Ertes in the BOE know that The sprouts of the Covid return. And is that it takes more than an appraisal of Beaches -idea so absurd for Mallorca that it seems it may come from some enlightened who summers in Benidorm- and a paper that you have to fill every time you land on the island, when by the way our mobile already has all the information. Nor should you be Tesla, to understand that we will need to use everything that technology offers us to improve the traceability of people who visit us and the different layers of services and security.


The application is called TJA, an acronym for "Track Journey Assistant", it comes with an international team of first division of the largest technology and consulting companies in the world, and it is clear that mobile and big data is here to stay , and it seems that Google is part of this new application as well.


During these last three weeks, and the last three months, when all these events have passed, Playa de Palma remains an orphan of political leadership, as an example, not a single street or area of ​​Playa has been cleaned that they were not going to To pass their majesties, no garden has been arranged for the visit of tourists or the enjoyment of the locals. No new tree has been planted, ignoring the palm that this town hall does not like for its high maintenance, and it will not be that the palm or palm is not linked to the name of our city and Beach. In fact, some enlightened with a vocation as a botanist of Jurassic ferns, decided that instead of palm trees, these would be exchanged for Tamarindos since they were more indigenous, and for that reason they all bring them from Italy (send noses) and also, of every ten that They plant nine of them die. Or the audacity of the latest trend in advanced biology in municipal gardening for beaches with nitrate and sometimes semi-hurricane winds, planting mulberry trees instead of palm trees in the area. Well, this year, neither tamarinds, nor mulberry trees, nor obviously a single palm tree to cover more than the 200 holes that remain to beautify. This year, nada, res, nothing, garnicht, rien de rien, niente… ..

And it is that the botanical criteria on the Beach, have less indigenous than the tradition of going to burn candles on the beaches of all Palma on the eve of San Juan. A Halloween trend that has not been in our customs for even 20 years, but that in Catalonia is celebrated as if it were Christmas Eve. By the way, on June 23, it took less than two hours to get the few tourists out of the pilot test of the Beach; patrols of cars, motorcycles, quads, and even horses or mounted policemen took care to do so before the incredulous gaze of tourists who understood nothing. The tourist had to think, first they tell us to come that nothing is happening and now they whistle us off the beach and also fence it. By the way, and I know that you could not expect less than the measure, the fences were blocking the accesses to the arena throughout the 24th, holiday, "of course", and were finally removed on the 25th, after several insistent calls to the 061.


The abandonment is so great in Playa de Palma, that the anti-panic bollards continue, every 40 meters on all the main walks since the attacks in Nice. The bollards are not landscaped and pretty or identifying, if not rather, gray concrete barricade pieces, currently already graffiti, dirty and painted, and that serve as support tables for the 900 street vendors that we have settled every day on our Paseo . Crime has increased and will continue to increase, according to police sources. Police officers are expected to drop this summer, both because of the effort of these last months of confinement, and because of what awaits them again in October due to possible outbreaks. Experts already have sotto voce, with a notable increase in crime throughout Mallorca, and retail on our streets for both this summer and winter, with even more violence, if possible, due to the economic situation. And it is that a long time ago in the streets of Playa, that there was not so much loose chorizo ​​per square meter, between tamarinds, Senegalese and emaciated bollards, like these last two weeks, and our police can do nothing about legislation that is prevents.


Meanwhile, the silent paganinis, businessmen, freelancers and workers, and a generation born in Playa de Palma, in the face of so much passivity from the administration, passotism of the "Illuminati" in a strategy of tourist positioning, experts in ugly and poorly maintained gardens, and masters in immobility, we have an idea. We officially propose that the Arenal Highway, that is, the first line of the beach, be renamed Paseo del Rey or de los Reyes, or even Avenida del Rey, since yes, we have a video! There is evidence and graphic proof that they did walk through what the media of the peninsula has called the Paseo Marítimo de Palma, and that for us is the first line of Playa de Palma, S´Arenal, aka Palma Beach, future Paseo del Rey .


Given what has been seen, the monarchy is going to turn out to be one of the cheapest institutions in Spain if you compare it to the rest of the institutions and political parties that make it up. It will be that now our leaders are going to give us savings classes. The monarchy at least provides a lifestyle, it is known and news around the world. We know what it costs us every year, they have good marketing and they have given our tourist area a very good image, they walk around it, something that other representatives clearly do not do. Faced with such an event, if we change the name to Paseo del Rey, maybe in a few years, some young political visionary will realize that it is time to put light, remove bollards and replant the palm trees that deserve a good walk that takes His Majesty's name.



published by: www.mallorcadiario.com